Mt. St. Helen's 1980
at Arizona State University  


David Bell

  • Mantle xenoliths
  • Volatiles in magmas and minerals
  • Kimberlite petrology and volcanology
  • Stable isotopes in petrology and volcanology

Amanda Clarke

  • Physics of explosive volcanism
    -Numerical modeling
    -Scaled laboratory experiments
    -Field-based comparisons to models
    -Monitoring active volcanoes

Jon Fink

  • Physical volcanology
    -Effusive volcanism
    -Instrusive mechanisms
    -Volatile distributions in magmas
    -Remote sensing

Ron Greeley

  • Basaltic volcanism on Earth as analog for extraterrestrial volcanism
    -“Plains” volcanism: Eastern Snake River Plain, ID
    -Sentinel Volcanic Field, Arizona
    -Erosion by flowing lava: Hawaii, Mt St Helens
    -Pseudocraters & table mountains:  Iceland
  • Volcanic evolution of Mars
    -Viking, MGS-MOC, MO-Themis, MEx-HRSC image analysis
    Geologic mapping
  • Formation & evolution of lava tubes
    -Lava tube database
  • Mapping abundance of tube-fed flows on shields & caldera floors

Rick Hervig

  • Magma chamber processes as reflected by chemistry of erupted products, including
    -Fractional crystallization in shallow level chambers
    -Accumulation of different melts derived from greater depths
    -Role of gas phases in chamber processes (as reflected by isotope ratios of -volatile elements as well as total hydrogen and carbon contents)
    -The effect of eruption on creating strongly zoned crystal edges.

John Holloway

  • Experimental igneous petrology
  • Solubility of volatiles in magmas
  • Mechanisms of explosive degassing
  • Compositions of volatiles as a function of redox conditions

Kurt Roggensack

  • Magmatic volatiles and crystallization
  • Eruptive mechanisms
  • Melt inclusions
  • Solubility of volatiles in magmas

Gordon Moore

  • Experimental igneous petrology
  • Phase equilibria in hydrous magmas
  • Volatile solubilities, fluid-melt partitioning
  • Linking field observations and novel P-T experimental techniques to place new constraints on volcanic and magmatic behavior

David Williams

  • Lava flows: Lunar basalts, komatiites, sulfur flows, lava tubes
    -Field studies
    -Physical-geochemical computer modeling
    -Petrographic-geochemical analyses
  • Volcanism on Mars and Jupiter’s moon Io

Stan Williams

  • Monitoring active eruptions
  • Remote sensing
  • Gas geochemistry

Mikhail Zolotov

  • Theoretical Geochemistry of Planetary Volcanic Gases

  • -Models of speciation & chemistry of planetary volcanic gases (Io, Venus, Mars)
    -Bulk composition of planetary volcanic emanations
    -Potential for organic synthesis in cooling volcanic gases
    -Chemistry of volcanic hydrothermal systems
    -Chemical weathering by acid volcanic gases, aerosols, and solutions 


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